Independently en route with a coach at a distance

You coach follows your progress along a route in real time

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Explore routes together with your coach

The coach registers the practised routes through the Viamigo website

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Help at the touch of a button

Viamigo notifies the coach in case of unexpected events or emergencies

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Independently to the backery? A quick visit to family or friends on the way? Walk to school alone? ‘Independently en route to …’ is not as selfevident for everyone as it might seem. People with an intellectual disability, elderly with (early) dementia, people with a brain injury or children feeling insecure in traffic for instance. They are therefore mostly accompanied by family members, friends and volunteers. But what if there is a need to make certain trips independently?

Viamigo offers the ideal solution! Thanks to this platform they can make trips without being accompanied. A personal coach monitors the user in real-time at a distance through the Viamigo website or a smartphone. Coaches are alerted of unexpected occurances and can take action when they deem it necessary. Help and advice is only a click away!

How does Viamigo work?

Practice route

Explore the route with your coach until you can make the trip independently.

Coach registers route

Your coach registers the routes that you’ve practised together.

Select route

Select the trip you want to make in the Viamigo-app. Your coach receives a signal.

Wait for approval

Wait until your coach has given you approval to start your trip.

Start your trip

Off you go! You can now make the trip alone, but being supervised by a coach from a distance.

More information

Learn more about the functionalities of Viamigo.

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notifies the coach on

Starting/completing a route

When you leave and safely arrive at your destination

Deviation from route

Thanks to the accurate location determination, your coach is notified when you deviate from the route, and can guide you back in the right direction

Unexpected travel speed

Unexpected travel speed is detected (e.g. a very high speed where you are supposed to be walking)..

Leaving safe zones

When you leave safe zones and enter dangerous zones predefined by the coach. 

Low battery

When the battery level of your smartphone is low or when you have insufficient internetor GPS connection.

Standing still for too long

You are standing still too long at a certain location where this was not expected.

Building self-confidence

With our mobile service Viamigo, we aim to strengthen the self-confidence of people who are hesitant to travel alone or who encounter obstacles when travelling alone. Anyone using Viamigo, knows that they can request assistance at any time. That puts their mind at ease.

– An Neven, IMOB researcher –